What to Wear?!?!

Rule #1 - GOOD MOOD!

Be Comfortable.  You are too awesome to be hampered by uncomfortable clothing.  Plus, we'll be moving around, standing, walking, sitting - wear something that makes you happy and be happy)). 

Talk to each other: (Duh, right?) DON'T match. But DO coordinate.  Wearing clothes that are the same level of dressiness is really as matchy as it needs to be. You guys already look like a family. Don't hamper each person's individuality by forcing the matching.  Let's be honest: You guys always look awesome together, you don't need special matching outfits for that. 

Consider COLOR: Most people look their best in certain colors (mine are green and orange).  Although I love hiding in black clothes as much as the next guy, it tends to be a tough color for photographs.  And again - you don't need to match. Pick a color tone (jewel tone) or pallette (pastels) - maybe even select 3-4 colors - and go from there. Pinterest has some great color ideas for family photos.  Before you go out and buy anything - spend a bit of time with favorite items you already own.  You probably have everything you need. 

Flatter yourselves, Moms:  Yes, Moms, I'm talking to you. You're organizing, you're planning, you're making it happen, every day.  YOU deserve to look amazing in these photos. Don't forget about YOU.  Play up your assets. If you have great legs, don't hesitate to show them off a little. It's OK to be a hot mama.  If you have an area of insecurity, think about how you can minimize that with your outfit choice. Scarves /pashminas/jackets are awesome accessories that can totally help highlight the best version of you.  If you have insecurities that you want to share with me - please do.  BUT, you're not allowed to do it during your session.  Let's get that out of the way beforehand, so it doesn't bring us down on session day.  :)

Bring the Fun, Dads: There is nothing more attractive than an amazing father/husband. I KNOW that your wife probably had to talk you into photos. And, I want you to know, I'm thrilled that you're participating. And, if you're at all affectionate with your loved ones, you've probably already melted my photographer heart. Today isn't about smiling and posing, it's about having a blast.  And, I have yet to meet a dad who doesn't know how to break a house rule or two in the name of family fun.  At the risk of minimizing your outfit choice, Dads, the most important thing you can wear to picture day is a good attitude.  If you've got a signature hat, belt buckle, or something that you really love - let's find a way to include it. 

About Newborn Session

The best time for your newborn session is within the first 13 days after your baby is born. I recommend booking your session at the end of your second trimester; we can finalize the timing details closer to the expected due date. If you didn't plan that far ahead, we can probably do up to 20 days, but with the understanding that babies become more alert (and wigglier) every day. Some times you will need wait time before natural feeding  start in normal way (can be a 5-10 days)

When you arrive at the studio, it'll be nice and warm for your baby, so be prepared to layer down to stay comfortable. 

I will provide light snacks and water, but please feel free to bring anything that might make your family more comfortable during the session. 

 I prefer to take any family photos first. After family photos, baby is  ready for the first break. We'll take a feeding break and then it's baby's time for photos. 

 For getting best newborn photos is should be a very warm place  and well-fed baby. Usually  photographic process  makes newborns extra hungry so please bring extra  bottles and or be prepared to nurse more than normal. If possible please time it so that your babies feed will naturally fall at or the start of the session time. I understanding and have no limit for natural things.

I have a variety of blankets, backdrops, and newborn accessories that we can choose from once you arrive. Please feel free to bring your own accessories as well ( wood  horse, a toy, a special blanket - please bring it and we can try and incorporate it into your shoot).

In some instances, a studio session may not be the right option for you, which is are great too!

For these types of sessions, dont feel like you have to have your home in perfect condition!  We'll need some good light from windows, a bit of space, and YOU.

Actually i would like to chat about those details during your consultation, or the day of your session, before we get started.  Just let me know what you prefer.